self-made MULTIDISCIPLINARY visual artist

since 2014
Creating in the intersection of abstraction, digital and street art.
Participant of international exhibitions.
The first platform where I started creating NTF
Exclusive projects with the digitization of my famous canvases, abstractions and illustrations
My original street-art perfomances and collaborations
My captivating handmade collages and a series of abstract artworks
RoadMap of my creavity
Unique NFT collections
To create unique and creative long term collections, taking care of the quality of the art and its concept.
Exhibitions and workshops
Share the power of my art with people and talk about my path and ideology around the world
Public space transformation
Transforming cities by creating street art, murals, installations
Sharing experience
Documenting personal experiences in art, through creation of various videos and prints
Featured NFT artworks
I create exclusive projects for each platform. Utilising different directions of my creativity and paying special attention to each allows me to enjoy experimenting and discovering new things.
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