The Face2Face collection consists of more than 100 unique 1 of 1
hand-drawn artworks with digitally approved animations.

Authentic hand-drawing NFT collection Face2Face with unique author's style. All of the art possessed physical prototypes that exhibit at museums around the world.

Each Face has 'UTILITY' granting owners raffle entries, airdrops, and much more to come in the future.
Face 2 Face
Launch and sale of the first NFT art
PR and community growth,
Airdrops among owners.
Exclusive NFTs, original artwork, merch and more up for grabs
Live and digital exhibitions around the world, launch of animated digital installations
The Face2Face exhibitions that have already been successfully held
The Face2Face collection will made its own merch in the future
The Face2Face art will develop and be supplemented, these are physical and digital sculptures, street-art as well as much more and incredible

Firs sold!
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