Sacred particle of God
Digital abstraction, which came about by combining physical and virtual realms.

The picture shows an unidentified geological artifact, presumably from the future. The picture was taken with the equipment that picks up energy field signals invisible to human eye. Then the registered signals are decoded and summarized as sacred clot of god.
First of all, I strive to create high-quality art and develop it in the long term
Stage 1
Launch and sale of the first NFT art
Stage 2
New NFT art and competitions among owners. Exclusive NFTs, merch and more up for grabs
Stage 3
Live and digital exhibitions of works, launch of their animated digital installations
Stage 4
Split with metaverse and VR/AR technologies
“A little story about my "Akasha" collection.
It has always been interesting for me to look for new textures and try painting with unusual materials.

I started my experiments with using powders in painting back in 2017. I drew and found very interesting solutions.

Later I realized that even more unusual combinations could appear after processing in Photoshop. I digitized my abstractions and finalized them digitally.

At first they were ovals, and later they turned into full-fledged balls. I looked and saw that they looked like some kind of artifacts.

My passion for meditation and spiritual practices gave me a clear idea that the material world is just one of the possible options for the world. And in a parallel story, we can look like just wisps of light. So I understood that the sacred particles of God - Akasha, may look like some similar balls in which the whole universe is enclosed."
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